about us

we are a group of maniac and sensual internet experts from music loving germany:

Jörn Schillmann
Fabian Donay
Christina Holtschmidt-Heyn
Felix Goldstein
Axel Metayer
Jonas Jacek
and many many more...

thanks for all your love and your very specific freaky nerd support so far ;)

join us

you can join our team and mission as a high potential:

Coder (PHP, Ruby, Python, MySQL)
Pixelists (HTML5, CSS3)
Designer (minimal and visionary)
Marketeer (SEO, SEM, SMO)
Investor (money giving and risk loving)
Supporter (all imaginable possibilities)


maniac and sensual
skilled in your specific passions
intrinsically motivated
looking for something new


we are influenced and supported by several academic tutors:

Dr. Hans-Lüder Haas
Prof. Dr. Uwe Hasebrink
Prof. Dr. Vincenz Timmermann
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Pfähler
Prof. Dr. Klaus Mentzel
Prof. Dr. Nils Bickhoff
Prof. Dr. Armin Rott
Prof. Dr. Michel Clement
Prof. Dr. Torsten Teichert (with Carsten Rasch)
Prof. Dr. Henrik Sattler
Prof. Dr. Karen Gedenk
and many more...


our philosophy is lovely influenced by

Albert Einstein
Steve Jobs
Bertolt Brecht
John G. Limpach
Martin Luther King
David Ricardo
Sophie and Hans Scholl
Mahatma Gandhi
Friedrich von Schiller
Max Weber
and many many more...